Conservation Services

Coode Conservation Partnership offers a wide range of metalworking and conservation/restoration services. These services are always provided in line with our Conservation Philosophy, and so depending on the nature of the project can be either a limited conservation of metalwork “as found”, or a fuller restoration aimed at reinstating lost elements of objects. 

The services we provide are grounded in our unusual ability to offer craft metalworking expertise with specialist conservation skills. This means we are highly flexible and able to employ a wide variety of techniques when developing strategies for the conservation and restoration of heritage metalwork. These strategies will always be tailored to each individual project, but the types of services we are able to offer include:

  • Advice on the conservation and restoration of metalwork in a variety of contexts. This includes condition reports, treatment proposals and specialist input for specification writing, grant funding applications and planning applications.
  • Assessment of surface coating condition, removal of existing coatings and application of appropriate new surface coatings. The services provided in this category also include gilding, patinating and reinstating polished surface finishes.
  • Replication and reinstatement of lost/damaged elements of metalwork in both ferrous metals and copper alloys.
  • Wide variety of hot and cold joining techniques including MIG welding, arc welding, brazing, hard soldering, soft soldering, threaded fixings, adhesives and leading in techniques for railings. 
  • Advising on and carrying out the removal, transportation and re-installation of metalwork from a variety of settings.
  • Creating and executing maintenance plans for the long term protection of historic metalwork, tailored to a variety of environments.