Specification and report writing

Specification writing for the conservation of heritage ironwork is a specialist skill, and is an area in which we can provide significant practical input. We have many years of involvement with conservation of heritage ironwork, and have found that on some occasions specifications have been written by those with limited experience in this particular area. We are therefore happy to advise on projects from an early stage in order to help scope a realistic and well grounded specification. This time investment always pays off later in a project, as expectations will have been set realistically based on previous experience with a wide range of comparable projects.

We believe that well written reports are an essential part of the conservation process, and therefore provide these as standard on all conservation projects with which we are involved. They provide a necessary record of not only all decisions over where and how to intervene, but also materials used, techniques employed and the specific positions of any interventive work undertaken. As part of our reports we also include a detailed set of maintenance recommendations relevant to that object and its particular location, as without maintenance even the best coating system will eventually fail and corrosion will set in.